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Say goodbye to slimy water bowls! The CuBowl is the first — and only — bowl featuring antimicrobial, copper-plated stainless steel and NOW AVAILABLE IN SILVER. Copper and Silver have long been known to kill bacteria and prevent that all-too-familiar slime layer from developing in the first place (there’s a reason it’s used in plumbing!).

These silver plated bowls are food safe and can be used for both water and food consumption.



XS - 6 oz

S - 12 oz

M - 24 oz

L - 30 oz

XL - 50 oz


Care & Additional Information:

Copper is an essential part of all cats' and dogs' diet. Copper is needed for the development of red blood cells and the formation of collagen, bone and connective tissue among other important functions. In the US, dog food must contain a minimum of 7.3mg of copper per kg of food to be marketed as “complete and balanced”. Many pet food manufacturers fortify their products with supplemental copper. For comparison, the average leach rate for 1 kg of copper in a water rinse is 0.387mg per week. The amount of copper that leaches into water is far less than the legally required minimum amount of copper in "complete and balanced" dog and cat food. Stainless steel, however, leaches a tiny amount of chromium and nickel into water.

Dogs that have been diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, or a breed that is susceptible to copper storage disease, should not use copper Cubowls as their primary water bowl.

Copper and Silver are known for their high thermodynamic stability and resistance to reacting with the environment but, very slowly, copper and silver items tarnish. To remove tarnishing we recommend polishing your CuBowl as needed. This can be simply done by combining a mixture of 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and rubbing down your Cubowl, before polishing off with a clean cloth.

CuBowls are hand wash only. You will find it very easy to clean and rinse out your pet bowl when it doesn't have bacteria glued to all over the inside!


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