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Calm Down! The natural way...

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Calm Down! The natural way...

Our favorite natural solutions for stress and anxiety relief

1. ZEN for cats and dogs:

A pill-free, all natural solution to help promote calming and axiety relief for cats and dogs experiencing anxiety or aggressive behavior from thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, house guests, shelters, or any other uncomfortable situation.

With the number one active ingredients of Organic Chamomile and Tryptophan (in the dog formula) no wonder why many of our pet parents have ditched the prescriptions and moved over to the Zen-side


2. RELAX for cats and dogs:

Dr. Harvey’s Relax and Stress for cats and dogs is an all-natural supplement to calm your pet. This gentle and effective forumula can be used daily and easily mixes into a pet’s food.


3. Enhance Cannagurt:

The CannaGurt enhancement is a raw cannabis product that takes raw goat milk yogurt and infuses it with high-quality hemp oil. With 2.9 mg of CBDs per oz, CannaGurt is designed to help to dogs with seizures, anxiety, pain, cancer, cognitive disorders and a suppressed appetite.


4. Long-lasting Chews:

A great way to alleviate stress in pets is by way of distraction. The best way to deter your cat or dog from stressful habits is to prevent by means of desirable chew or treat. Encourage your pet to take interest in a high-reward treat to distract from what actually may be causing the fit of anxiety. Always supervise your pet while chewing and only give your pet a treat that is appropriate for their size.