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Raw Feeding Essentials

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Raw Feeding Essentials

Whether you are new to raw feeding or a veteran fresh-food feeder these items are a must for all raw-feeders

Raw Feeding Essentials

1. A designated sponge for raw food bowls

No more sponge confusion! Let's face it, who wants to use the same sponge for your water glass as you do for pet's raw food bowl. With a designated sponge you will always know which sponge is meat for the dog bowl.


2. Stainless Steel Food Bowl

We strongly recommend feeding your pet raw food in a stainless steel bowl. This is because other materials such as plastic and porcelain are porous and can trap germs over time.


3. Nutritional Food Base

Our pre-mix diets are the perfect addition to any raw feeders diet. With many options to choose from we have a selection of grain-free and healthy whole grain pre-mix nutrional bases. 


4. Multi-Vitamins

It's important to make sure your pet is receiving the proper daily vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Adding a daily nutritional multi-vitamin to your pet's food will ensure they are getting everything they need.