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Dr. Harvey's

Ahead of His Time

In the early 1980s, Dr. Harvey Cohen, a lifetime animal lover, left his New York City human practice to pioneer a seismic movement in the pet food industry – developing and producing a holistic, all-natural diet for dogs, cats and birds. At the time, no one was talking about the potential benefits of such a diet, much less doing it. But for nearly four decades now, Dr. Harvey’s pet food, supplements and grooming aids have helped companion animals enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives.

“Health Begins in the Kitchen.’’

Dr. Harvey was appalled at the blatantly unhealthy food choices pet parents had to feed their dogs, cats and birds, especially how damaging ultra-processed kibble was to pet health. Believing that, just like with people, “health begins in the kitchen,” Dr. Harvey’s offers a variety of healthy pet food alternatives to kibble. Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes, complete meals, treats and supplements provide fresh, organic, holistic, natural nutrition, and never resort to added chemicals, preservatives, synthetic additives or coloring agents. The emails, letters, DMs, tweets and 5-star reviews Dr. Harvey receives every day from pet parents are a testament to the remarkable difference Dr. Harvey’s has made in their pets’ lives, many of them recovering from skin allergies, chronic digestive issues, kidney and liver problems, cancer and more.

Pre-Mixes Put YOU in Control

Dr. Harvey’s innovative pre-mixes provide a fresh, nutritious, whole-food foundation for building a complete and balanced home-made meal in minutes. And they put YOU in control. You choose the kind of protein – meat, poultry, or fish – raw or cooked – as well as the amount, allowing you to customize a diet for your dog’s specific needs. From Dr. Harvey’s flagship pre-mix Canine Health, dubbed the “Miracle Food’’ by customers, and grain-free Veg-To-Bowl, to Paradigm, the ideal foundation for a low-carb or keto diet, and Raw Vibrance, the pre-mix that makes preparing a healthy raw meal easy.

“Just-Add-Water" Complete Meals

Dr. Harvey’s complete and balanced “just add water” meals offer an even easier way to feed your dog fresh, nutritious meals. Whole-Grain – or Grain-Free – Garden Veggies have real meat as the first ingredient, plus a wholesome blend of superfoods, vegetables and fruits, gently dehydrated and freeze-dried to retain every delicious nutrient. Allergy Turkey Recipe is specially formulated for dogs with skin, stomach or environmental sensitivities. And Healthy Weight is a unique blend of metabolism-boosting whole foods to help with weight loss and maintenance.

Herbal Supplements

Dr. Harvey’s also has an extensive line of whole food, herbal supplements for dogs that address a wide variety of concerns. From the daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement and Ortho Flex, for joint health, to Golden Years, for healthy aging in your senior dog, and Solaris, a powerful blend of mushrooms and herbs specially formulated by Dr. Harvey to support cellular and immune function and has dramatically helped dogs struggling with serious health issues like cancer.

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Dr. Harvey's Relax

Dr. Harvey’s Relax for dogs is a specially formulated, all-natural blend of whole foods and herbs designed to help ease stress and anxiety. An easy-to-use daily supplement, just sprinkle the powder over food. Made in the USA.


Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin + Mineral all-natural, whole-food, herbal daily supplement provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients to support your dog’s overall long-term health. It's easy to use. Just sprinkle the powder over food.

Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews
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Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews

Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews for dogs have one ingredient: 100% U.S.-grown sweet potatoes, dehydrated to lock-in the nutrients and taste. High in fiber and a great source of Vitamin A, they're a safe, healthy alternative to rawhide or molded chews.


Dr. Harvey's Veg-To-Bowl for Dogs

Dr. Harvey’s Veg-To-Bowl Grain-free Pre-Mix, a bioavailable blend of 8 dehydrated veggies and herbs, provides the perfect nutritious base to build a complete, balanced meal in minutes for your dog. Just add water, your choice of protein and a healthy oil


Dr. Harvey's Canine Health

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix makes it easy to prepare a fresh, nutritious homemade meal for your dog. Just add water, your choice of protein and healthy oil to this 100% whole-food mix of organic veggies, grains, herbs and vitamins

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