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Grandma Lucy's

We love Lucy

Breann and Eric Shook had a problem. Their 11-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, Lucy, had grown finickier and finickier and had also developed allergies that further limited the food and treat choices she would eat. After reading stacks of literature about pet food and discussing the topic with vets and pet nutritionists, the Shooks decided to make their own food and treats using only human-grade ingredients. Lucy loved the home cooking. Realizing countless other pet parents may be facing the same frustrating challenges, the Shooks took their idea to market and, in 1999, Grandma Lucy’s was born.

It's All About the Ingredients …

Nearly 25 years later, the California-based company has adhered to its founding principle of using only the best, wholefood ingredients. In fact, all their suppliers – many of whom have been with the Shooks from Day 1 – must sign a “Vendor Promise’’ that attests that their ingredients are of the highest quality, non-GMO, free of chemicals, preservatives, and that each batch is tested for salmonella, lead, e-coli, mercury, arsenic, coliform and melamine.

… And The Process

Grandma Lucy’s food is lightly cooked and then freeze-dried to lock-in the fresh taste and optimize the nutrients. First, fresh or lightly cooked foods are flash frozen and put in a vacuum chamber. Next, they are freeze-dried, with about 98% of the moisture drawn off by evaporating the ice at temperatures as low as -85 degrees. Lastly, the freeze-dried food is sealed in moisture- and oxygen-proof packaging to ensure freshness until it is opened. When you add water to rehydrate it, the food retains its original fresh flavor, aroma, texture and appearance.

Premium Food Lines

Grandma Lucy’s award-winning Macanna superfood formulas in Beef, Salmon or Turkey feature an inflammation-fighting blend of hemp hearts, kale, coconut and turmeric, plus low-fat, high-fiber pinto beans. It’s perfect for senior dogs and those with food sensitivities and digestion issues. Macanna is also available as a grain-free Pre-Mix to which you add your choice of protein. Pureformance Chicken is a whole new approach to freeze-dried pet food. Real human-grade, lean muscle-meat chicken is accompanied by highly nutritious chickpeas, fruits, and vegetables. Chickpeas are full of flavor and a rich source of dietary fiber and protein allowing energy to be released slowly for a consistent energy level, making them great for weight control. Pureformance is also a good choice for transitioning your pet from kibble to a raw diet.

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