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New Zealand Natural

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. was created out of a desire to give pet parents a convenient and safe option to feed their pets a wholesome and complete diet, as close to raw as possible. And by doing this, share with pets everywhere the fresh, nutritious, high-quality ingredients of New Zealand’s fertile pastures and pristine waters.

Made in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for producing some of the highest quality food in the world. Our WOOF and MEOW recipes combine the nutrition and taste of New Zealand-sourced fresh, raw meat and produce with some of the most potent superfoods the country has to offer. We also offer a wide range of proteins, from familiar Beef and Chicken to the more exotic Goat, Wild Venison and Wild Brushtail, as well as unique healthy pairings such as Lamb & Hoki and Lamb & King Salmon. The variety helps pet parents address issues like food sensitivity or the challenge of a finicky eater.

Raw, High-Meat Diet, Like Nature Intended

By choosing to feed your pet raw food, you’re giving them access to what they would be eating in the wild, just as nature intended. Raw foods are rich in nutrients and enzymes and unaltered by the harsh processing that goes into creating kibble and canned food. At New Zealand Natural, our raw food is put through a gentle freeze-drying or air-drying process to preserve the natural nutrients. Dogs and cats also thrive on a diet high in meat and nutrient-dense organs, and our species-appropriate recipes are at least 90% meat, organs and bones for dogs and more than 97% for cats.

Loaded with Superfoods

Glance at the back label and you’ll find we’ve added our signature superfoods to all our recipes, including Green Lipped Mussels (supports skin and coat), Lamb Green Tripe (aids digestion), Manuka Honey (supports immunity), Kelp (helps metabolic functions), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (has antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties) and Hoki Oil (high in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids). What you’ll never find are wheat, corn, soy, meals, grain, glutens, artificial preservatives or coloring.

Safe, Human-Grade, Whole-Food Ingredients

New Zealand also has some of the strictest food safety standards in the world. At New Zealand Natural, the safety and quality of your food is very important, which is why all our meat and produce are sourced from human-grade suppliers in New Zealand and can be traced back to the local farms they come from. We produce our food in small batches, and each batch is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory.

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