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Kin + Kind Ear Cleaner

ear cleaner

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Dr. Harvey's Solaris Organic Mushroom Supplement

Dr. Harvey’s Solaris is a twice-daily supplement formulated to support your dog’s cellular and immune systems. Contains a variety of organic mushrooms plus organic burdock root and pine bark. It can be helpful in treating some cancers. Jars for AM and PM


Dr. Harvey's Kidney Health

Dr. Harvey’s Kidney Health Supplement is an all-natural, whole-food blend of mushrooms, herbs and other superfoods specially formulated to help support your dog’s kidney and immune function.

Dr. Harvey's Paradigm
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Dr. Harvey's Paradigm

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm, a Green Superfood Pre-Mix, is a whole-food blend of 6 low-glycemic vegetables, healthy herbs and multi-vitamins. It's an ideal base for your dog’s low-carb or ketogenic diet. Just add water, meat and oil for a complete homemade meal


Paws Aboard Paws Aboard Red Neoprene Pet Life Vest

bright red life vest jacket for dogs


Licks Pill-Free Joint & Heart

10 single serving packets.