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Healing Canine Allergies



Healing Canine Allergies


Real relief starts with the right nutrition.


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Dr. Harvey's Allergy White Fish

Limited ingredient, grain free diet for optimal digestion


Dr. Harvey's Allergy Turkey

Limited ingredient, grain free diet for optimal digestion


Dr. Harvey's Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

A cleaner food for a leaner dog. Made with 100% real whole food ingredients that boost canine metabolism and the immune system, it was formulated to help your dog keep off the excess pounds for a healthier, longer life.


UCARI UCARI Sensitivity Test

Non-Invasive At Home Intolerance Test, All It Takes Is A Hair Sample

$69.99 $59.00

Nutriscan Food Intolerance Diagnostic Test Kit

use promo NutriScanKit at checkout & get this food intolerance kit for FREE (s+h fees may apply)


Dr. Harvey's Herbal Healing Cream

New, creamier formulation – Easy to apply. Soothe & heal your dog’s cuts, rashes, hot spots & itching with this holistic blend of shea butter, arnica & other healing herbs


Dr. Becker's Forever Dog Bites

NEW Forever Dog Bites are made from U.S. sourced organic, free-range beef liver, blended with some of Dr. Becker’s favorite longevity supplements, including bioactive Curcumin, Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), Carnosineand Quercetin. 


Pet Releaf SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules | Small Dogs

helps to support a normal inflammatory response, but can also help promote calmness, support joint flexibility or mobility, and occasional discomfort


Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine Oil - Omega-3

Mackerel, Herring, Anchovy, and Sardine Oil


Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 500

(previously 1700) organic full spectrum hemp extract with 500mg active CBD per bottle

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 200
Sold out

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 200

Previously CBD Hemp Oil 700 for Medium-sized Dogs 200mg Active CBD


Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100

Previously Hemp Oil 330 Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Capsules, 30 count

Organic CBD Capsules For Dogs. 450 mg Organic Active CBD


Dr. Harvey's Herbal Protection Shampoo

an herbal alternative to chemical shampoo

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