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About Us

They Are Family

To us, they’re not just “pets.” They’re loved and trusted companions that enrich our lives beyond measure—beloved members of our family. We value their health as much as we do our own (maybe even more). Over the last decade we’ve learned so much about how we can make dramatic improvements in our own health by eating fresher, less processed, more nutritious diets, and this interest in health and longevity has finally extended to our canine and feline companions. We’ve learned that “one of the most powerful sources of longevity medicine is food,” according to Dr. Karen Shaw Becker and Rodney Habib in The Forever Dog. In fact, “the fresh pet food category is one of the fasted-growing segments in the pet food industry.” And while this has been a very good thing, it’s created a crowded and confusing marketplace of brands all claiming to be “fresh” and “healthy.”

Why Feed Pet Purveyor?

And that’s where we come in. Like many of you, we’ve experienced the heartache and frustration of  seeing a pet struggle with illness. When we sought help, instead of getting answers, we got prescription drugs or kibbles that just masked symptoms, had terrible side-effects or even made our pets worse. We launched our own investigation – reviewed the research, read the literature, interviewed the leading holistic veterinarians and other scientists spearheading the way in pet longevity and health, and, most of all, we learned about the industry.

We Are Picky

We decided to found Feed Pet Purveyor so we could share what we learned and guide others in helping their beloved companions live longer, healthier and happier lives. For almost a decade, we’ve been navigating the maze of healthy pet food and supplements to discover the highest quality, best-sourced, most nutritious, least-processed brands on the market. Our criteria: absolute transparency in ingredients, sourcing and process, and commitment to the highest standards and ethics in the industry. The result: a carefully curated collection of food, treats and supplements from trusted companies who are as passionate about changing the pet industry for the better as we are.

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