Fresh Dog Deodorizing Spray

4oz deodorizing spray

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  • Fresh™ heals and soothes the bacteria, fungus, or skin issues that may be causing your canine's unpleasant odor.

    Most dog perfumes use alcohol and artificial fragrances to cover up smells temporarily. In addition to providing only a temporary solution, alcohol dries out your pup's skin, and artificial fragrances irritate a dog's skin, eyes, and nose. Unlike these dog perfumes, Fresh dog deodorizing spray uses only safe, natural ingredients. This alcohol-free spray and contains neem oil, that moisturizes instead of drying out your dog's skin. Neem oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and will aid the healing process of any lingering skin issues your pet may have.

    Fresh dog cologne won't stain carpet, furniture, or flooring, and the spray's pleasant aroma makes other things smell great, too! You can spray Fresh dog deodorizing spray on pet bedding and in areas where your dog spends time to keep them smelling Fresh.

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  • Emily A. 07-04-2018 21:10

    Wonderful wondercide ...this spray takes that wet dog smell off of my dog and it helps us not have to bathe her as often. The bottle lasts a very long time and the spray is a light mist so our dog doesn't panic when we are spaying her. Love this item!!!

    5 stars based on 1 reviews
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